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Zheng Zhang 0003, Chew Lim Tan : Correcting Document Image Warping Based on Regression of Curved Text Lines. ICDAR 2003
Qian Wang, Chew Lim Tan : Matching of Double-Sided Document Images to Remove Interference. CVPR 2001
Zheng Zhang 0003, Chew Lim Tan, Liying Fan : Restoration of Curved Document Images through 3D Shape Modeling. CVPR 2004
Yan Ping Zhou, Chew Lim Tan : Hough Technique for Bar Charts Detection and Recognition in Document Images. ICIP 2000
Li Yang, Weihua Huang, Chew Lim Tan : Semi-automatic Ground Truth Generation for Chart Image Recognition. Document Analysis Systems (DAS) 2006
Li Zhang 0005, Andy M. Yip, Chew Lim Tan : Photometric and Geometric Restoration of Document Images Using Inpainting and Shape-from-Shading. AAAI 2007
Shijian Lu, Bolan Su, Chew Lim Tan : Document image binarization using background estimation and stroke edges. IJDAR 13(4):303-314 (2010)
Thien Anh Dinh, Tomi Silander, Bolan Su, Tianxia Gong, Boon Chuan Pang, ... C. C. Tchoyoson Lim, Cheng Kiang Lee, Chew Lim Tan, Tze-Yun Leong   : Unsupervised Medical Image Classification by Combining Case-Based Classifiers. MedInfo 2013
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