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Chin-Chen Chang, Hsien-Wen Tseng : A steganographic method for digital images using side match. Pattern Recognition Letters (PRL) 25(12):1431-1437 (2004)
Kuo-Nan Chen, Chin-Hao Chen, Chin-Chen Chang : Efficient illumination compensation techniques for text images. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) 22(5):726-733 (2012)
Chin-Chen Chang, Chia-Chen Lin, Chia-Hsuan Lin, Yi-Hui Chen : A novel secret image sharing scheme in color images using small shadow images. Inf. Sci. (ISCI) 178(11):2433-2447 (2008)
Chin-Feng Lee, Kuo-Nan Chen, Chin-Chen Chang, Meng-Cheng Tsai : A Block Feature Correlation Based Image Watermarking for Tamper Detection Using Linear Equation. IAS (IEEEIAS) 2009
Jung-San Lee, Chin-Hao Chen, Chin-Chen Chang : A Novel Illumination-Balance Technique for Improving the Quality of Degraded Text-Photo Images. IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Techn. (TCSV) 19(6):900-905 (2009)
Chuan Qin, Chin-Chen Chang, Yen-Chang Chen : A Novel Reversible Data Hiding Scheme for VQ-Compressed Images Using Index Set Construction Strategy. TIIS (ITIIS) 7(8):2027-2041 (2013)
Chuan Qin, Chin-Chen Chang, Yen-Chang Chen : Efficient reversible data hiding for VQ-compressed images based on index mapping mechanism. Signal Processing (SIGPRO) 93(9):2687-2695 (2013)
Yuan-Hui Yu, Chin-Chen Chang, Iuon-Chang Lin : A new steganographic method for color and grayscale image hiding. Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU) 107(3):183-194 (2007)
Chang-Chu Chen, Chin-Chen Chang : Secret Image Sharing Using Quadratic Residues. IIH-MSP 2007
Chin-Chen Chang, Yung-Chen Chang, Jau-Ji Shen : A Heuristic Method for Extracting Enhanced Watermarks from Digital Images. IIH-MSP 2006
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