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Xian Shi, Lingfeng Wen, Weidong Cai, David Dagan Feng : A Study on Static Image Derived Input Function for Non-invasively Constructing Parametric Image in Functional Imaging. DICTA 2011
Xiuying Wang, David Dagan Feng : Automatic Elastic Medical Image Registration Based On Image Intensity. Int. J. Image Graphics (IJIG) 5(2):351-370 (2005)
Zhiyong Wang, David Dagan Feng, Zheru Chi : Comparison of image partition methods for adaptive image categorization based on structural image representation. ICARCV 2004
Zhiyong Wang, Zheru Chi, David Dagan Feng, Ah Chung Tsoi : Content-Based Image Retrieval with Relevance Feedback Using Adaptive Processing of Tree-Structure Image Representation. Int. J. Image Graphics (IJIG) 3(1):119-144 (2003)
Xianjin Li, David Dagan Feng, Kewei Chen : Optimal Image Sampling Schedule for Both Image-derived Input and Output Functions in PET Cardiac Studies. IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging (TMI) 19(3):233-242 (2000)
Yang Song, Weidong Cai, Yun Zhou, David Dagan Feng : Feature-Based Image Patch Approximation for Lung Tissue Classification. IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging (TMI) 32(4):797-808 (2013)
ChangYang Li, Xiuying Wang, Stefan Eberl, Michael J. Fulham, David Dagan Feng : Robust Model for Segmenting Images With/Without Intensity Inhomogeneities. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP) 22(8):3296-3309 (2013)
Renjie He, Zhiyong Wang, Hao Xiong, David Dagan Feng : Single Image Dehazing with White Balance Correction and Image Decomposition. DICTA 2012
Shanshan Wang, Yong Xia, Qiegen Liu, Jianhua Luo, Yuemin Zhu, ... David Dagan Feng   : Gabor feature based nonlocal means filter for textured image denoising. J. Visual Communication and Image Representation (JVCIR) 23(7):1008-1018 (2012)
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