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Guy Edjlali, Gagan Agrawal, Alan Sussman, Joel H. Saltz : Data parallel programming in an adaptive environment. IPPS 1995
Xiaogang Li, Gagan Agrawal : Efficient Evaluation of XQuery over Streaming Data. VLDB 2005
Ruoming Jin, Gagan Agrawal : Efficient decision tree construction on streaming data. KDD 2003
Pankaj Jalote, Gagan Agrawal : Using Coding to Support Data Resiliency in Distributed Systems. ICDE 1992
Ruoming Jin, Ge Yang, Gagan Agrawal : Shared Memory Parallelization of Data Mining Algorithms: Techniques, Programming Interface, and Performance. IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. (TKDE) 17(1):71-89 (2005)
Ge Yang, Ruoming Jin, Gagan Agrawal : Impact of Data Distribution, Level of Parallelism, and Communication Frequency on Parallel Data Cube Construction. IPDPS (IPPS) 2003
Renato Ferreira, Gagan Agrawal, Joel H. Saltz : Data parallel language and compiler support for data intensive applications. Parallel Computing (PC) 28(5):725-748 (2002)
Yu Su, Gagan Agrawal, Jonathan Woodring, Kary Myers, Joanne Wendelberger, ... James P. Ahrens   : Taming massive distributed datasets: data sampling using bitmap indices. HPDC 2013
Tekin Bicer, Jian Yin, David Chiu, Gagan Agrawal, Karen Schuchardt : Integrating Online Compression to Accelerate Large-Scale Data Analytics Applications. IPDPS (IPPS) 2013
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