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Huiyu Zhou, Xuelong Li, Gerald Schaefer, M. Emre Celebi, Paul Miller : Mean shift based gradient vector flow for image segmentation. Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU) 117(9):1004-1016 (2013)
Niraj P. Doshi, Gerald Schaefer, Arcangelo Merla : An evaluation of image enhancement techniques for capillary imaging. SMC 2012
Gerald Schaefer : Interacting with image collections: visualisation and browsing of image repositories. ACM Multimedia (MM) 2012
David Edmundson, Gerald Schaefer : Recompressing images to improve image retrieval performance. ICASSP 2012
Hitoshi Iyatomi, M. Emre Celebi, Gerald Schaefer, Masaru Tanaka : Automated color calibration method for dermoscopy images. Comp. Med. Imag. and Graph. (CMIG) 35(2):89-98 (2011)
William Plant, Gerald Schaefer : Image retrieval on the Honeycomb Image Browser. ICIP 2010
Gerald Schaefer : An uncompressed benchmark image dataset for colour imaging. ICIP 2010
Gerald Schaefer, Simon Ruszala : Effective and efficient browsing of image databases. Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology (IMST) 18(2-3):137-145 (2008)
Gerald Schaefer : Does compression affect image retrieval performance? Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology (IMST) 18(2-3):101-112 (2008)
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