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Gregory K. Wallace : The JPEG Still Picture Compression Standard. Commun. ACM (CACM) 34(4):30-44 (1991)
Masaya Misaki, Gregory L. Wallace, Nathan Dankner, Alex Martin, Peter A. Bandettini : Characteristic cortical thickness patterns in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders: Interactions with age and intellectual ability revealed by canonical correlation analysis. NeuroImage 60(3):1890-1901 (2012)
J. Eric Schmitt, Rhoshel K. Lenroot, Sarah E. Ordaz, Gregory L. Wallace, Jason P. Lerch, ... Alan C. Evans, Elizabeth C. Prom, Kenneth S. Kendler, Michael C. Neale, Jay N. Giedd   : Variance decomposition of MRI-based covariance maps using genetically informative samples and structural equation modeling. NeuroImage 47(1):56-64 (2009)
Bernard I. Szabo, Gregory K. Wallace : Design Considerations for JPEG Video and Synchronized Audio in a UNIX Workstation Environment. USENIX Summer (USENIX) 1991
Wallace E. Lawson, J. Gregory Trafton : Unposed Object Recognition using an Active Approach. VISAPP 2013
Franklin D. Hockett, Kirk D. Wallace, Anne H. Schmieder, Shelton D. Caruthers, Christine T. N. Pham, ... Samuel A. Wickline, Gregory M. Lanza   : Simultaneous Dual Frequency 1H and 19F Open Coil Imaging of Arthritic Rabbit Knee at 3T. IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging (TMI) 30(1):22-27 (2011)
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