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Seymour E. Goodman, James B. Gottstein, Diane S. Goodman : Wiring the wilderness in Alaska and the Yukon. Commun. ACM (CACM) 44(6):21-26 (2001)
Seymour E. Goodman, Andrew Harris : The coming African Tsunami of information insecurity. Commun. ACM (CACM) 53(12):24-27 (2010)
Seymour E. Goodman : The origins of digital computing in Europe. Commun. ACM (CACM) 46(9):21-25 (2003)
Phillip Ein-Dor, Seymour E. Goodman, Peter Wolcott : International perspectives: From Via Maris to electronic highway: the Internet in Canaan. Commun. ACM (CACM) 43(7):19-23 (2000)
Kalle Lyytinen, Seymour E. Goodman : Finland: The Unknown Soldier on the IT Front. Commun. ACM (CACM) 42(3):13-17 (1999)
Zixiang (Alex) Tan, William Foster, Seymour E. Goodman : China's State-coordinated Internet Infrastructure. Commun. ACM (CACM) 42(6):44-52 (1999)
Stephen J. Lukasik, Lawrence T. Greenberg, Seymour E. Goodman : Protecting an Invaluable and Ever-Widening Infrastructure. Commun. ACM (CACM) 41(6):11-16 (1998)
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