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Aleksandra Pizurica, Wilfried Philips, Ignace Lemahieu, Marc Acheroy : A joint inter- and intrascale statistical model for Bayesian wavelet based image denoising. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP) 11(5):545-557 (2002)
Yves Vander Haeghen, J. M. Naeyeart, Ignace Lemahieu, Wilfried Philips : An Imaging System with Calibrated Color Image Acquisition for use in Dermatology. IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging (TMI) 19(7):722-730 (2000)
Vedran Jelaca, Aleksandra Pizurica, Jorge Oswaldo Niño Castañeda, Andrés Frias-Velazquez, Wilfried Philips : Vehicle matching in smart camera networks using image projection profiles at multiple instances. Image Vision Comput. (IVC) 31(9):673-685 (2013)
Bart Goossens, Aleksandra Pizurica, Wilfried Philips : Image Denoising Using Mixtures of Projected Gaussian Scale Mixtures. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP) 18(8):1689-1702 (2009)
Joost Rombaut, Aleksandra Pizurica, Wilfried Philips : Optimization of Packetization Masks for Image Coding Based on an Objective Cost Function for Desired Packet Spreading. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP) 17(10):1849-1863 (2008)
Linda Tessens, Aleksandra Pizurica, Alin Alecu, Adrian Munteanu, Wilfried Philips : Context adaptive image denoising through modeling of curvelet domain statistics. J. Electronic Imaging (JEI) 17(3):033021 (2008)
Steve De Backer, Aleksandra Pizurica, Bruno Huysmans, Wilfried Philips, Paul Scheunders : Denoising of multicomponent images using wavelet least-squares estimators. Image Vision Comput. (IVC) 26(7):1038-1051 (2008)
Valérie De Witte, Stefan Schulte, Etienne E. Kerre, Alessandro Ledda, Wilfried Philips : Morphological Image Interpolation to Magnify Images with Sharp Edges. ICIAR 2006
Aleksandra Pizurica, Wilfried Philips : Estimating the probability of the presence of a signal of interest in multiresolution single- and multiband image denoising. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP) 15(3):654-665 (2006)
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