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Adam Pedrycz, Kaoru Hirota, Witold Pedrycz, Fangyan Dong : Granular representation and granular computing with fuzzy sets. Fuzzy Sets and Systems (FSS) 203():17-32 (2012)
Yingxu Wang, Robert C. Berwick, Simon Haykin, Witold Pedrycz, Witold Kinsner, ... George Baciu, Du Zhang, Virendrakumar C. Bhavsar   : Cognitive Informatics and Cognitive Computing in Year 10 and Beyond. IJCINI 5(4):1-21 (2011)
Witold Pedrycz : Allocation of information granularity in optimization and decision-making models: Towards building the foundations of Granular Computing. European Journal of Operational Research (EOR) 232(1):137-145 (2014)
Witold Pedrycz : Knowledge Management and Semantic Modeling: a Role of Information Granularity. International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (IJSEKE) 23(1):5-12 (2013)
Ikno Kim, Junzo Watada, Witold Pedrycz : DNA Rough-Set Computing in the Development of Decision Rule Reducts. Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems (ISRL) 2013
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