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Charles A. Sutton, Khashayar Rohanimanesh, Andrew McCallum : Dynamic conditional random fields: factorized probabilistic models for labeling and segmenting sequence data. ICML 2004
Charles A. Sutton, Andrew McCallum, Khashayar Rohanimanesh : Dynamic Conditional Random Fields: Factorized Probabilistic Models for Labeling and Segmenting Sequence Data. Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR) 8():693-723 (2007)
Shing-Kit Chan, Wai Lam : Pseudo Conditional Random Fields: Joint Training Approach to Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data. ICDM 2010
Xuan Hieu Phan, Minh Le Nguyen, Yasushi Inoguchi, Susumu Horiguchi : High-Performance Training of Conditional Random Fields for Large-Scale Applications of Labeling Sequence Data. IEICE Transactions (IEICET) 90-D(1):13-21 (2007)
Xuqing Wu, Mojgan Amrikachi, Shishir K. Shah : Embedding Topic Discovery in Conditional Random Fields Model for Segmenting Nuclei Using Multispectral Data. IEEE Trans. Biomed. Engineering (TBE) 59(6):1539-1549 (2012)
Leilei Yang, Guiquan Liu, Qi Liu, Lei Zhang, Enhong Chen : Analyzing Sequence Data Based on Conditional Random Fields with Co-training. CIS 2012
Xiaofeng Yu, Wai Lam : Hidden Dynamic Probabilistic Models for Labeling Sequence Data. AAAI 2008
Sotirios P. Chatzis, Yiannis Demiris : The Infinite-Order Conditional Random Field Model for Sequential Data Modeling. IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell. (PAMI) 35(6):1523-1534 (2013)
Sotirios P. Chatzis, Yiannis Demiris : The echo state conditional random field model for sequential data modeling. Expert Syst. Appl. (ESWA) 39(11):10303-10309 (2012)
Xiaolin Yin, Jing Li : Detecting Copy Number Variations from Array CGH Data Based on a Conditional Random Field Model. J. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (JBCB) 8(2):295-314 (2010)
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