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Jun Li 0009, José M. Bioucas-Dias : Minimum Volume Simplex Analysis: A Fast Algorithm to Unmix Hyperspectral Data. IGARSS 2008
Kamolratn Chureesampant, Junichi Susaki : Land cover classification using multi-temporal SAR data and optical data fusion with adaptive training sample selection. IGARSS 2012
Sileye O. Ba, Bertrand Chapron, Ronan Fablet : Multi-resolution data assimilation for missing data interpolation in geophysical sequences. IGARSS 2012
Claire Boryan, Zhengwei Yang, Liping Di : Deriving 2011 cultivated land cover data sets using usda National Agricultural Statistics Service historic Cropland Data Layers. IGARSS 2012
Deanna Wilson, Robert J. Corner, Antonius Schut : Object based data fusion of landform and ancillary data for upscaling soil-landscape mapping in the western Australian pastoral rangelands. IGARSS 2012
Simon Plank, John Singer, Kurosch Thuro : Persistent scatterer estimation using optical remote sensing data, land cover data and topographical maps. IGARSS 2012
Jayashree Chadalawada, Daniela Espinoza-Molina, Mihai Datcu : Assessment of Earth Observation data content based on data compression - application to settlements understanding. IGARSS 2012
Henrik Persson, Jörgen Wallerman, Håkan Olsson, Johan E. S. Fransson : Estimating biomass and height using DSM from satellite data and DEM from high-resolution laser scanning data. IGARSS 2012
David Gallaher, Glenn Grant : Data Rods: High speed, time-series analysis of massive cryospheric data sets using pure object databases. IGARSS 2012
Werner Alpers, Knut-Frode Dagestad, Kin Wai Wong, Pak Wai Chan : A winter monsoon front over the South China Sea studied by multi-sensor satellite data, weather radar data, and a numerical model. IGARSS 2012
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