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Thomas A. Funkhouser : A visibility algorithm for hybrid geometry- and image-based modeling and rendering. Computers & Graphics (CG) 23(5):719-728 (1999)
Paul E. Debevec : Pursuing Reality with Image-Based Modeling, Rendering, and Lighting. SMILE 2000
Paul E. Debevec, Leonard McMillan : Guest Editors' Introduction: Image-Based Modeling, Rendering, and Lighting. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (CGA) 22(2):24-25 (2002)
Paul E. Debevec : Rendering Synthetic Objects into Real Scenes: Bridging Traditional and Image-based Graphics with Global Illumination and High Dynamic Range Photography. SIGGRAPH 1998
Leonard McMillan, Gary Bishop : Plenoptic modeling: an image-based rendering system. SIGGRAPH 1995
Paul E. Debevec, Yizhou Yu, George Borshukov : Efficient View-Dependent Image-Based Rendering with Projective Texture-Mapping. Rendering Techniques (RT) 1998
Borom Tunwattanapong, Abhijeet Ghosh, Paul E. Debevec : Combining spherical harmonics and point-source illumination for efficient image-based relighting. SIGGRAPH Posters (SIGGRAPH) 2010
Chun-Fa Chang, Gary Bishop, Anselmo Lastra : LDI Tree: A Hierarchical Representation for Image-Based Rendering. SIGGRAPH 1999
Jian Yao, Wai-kuen Cham : Image-based modeling and rendering from multiple views: a multiple cues based propagation approach. ICIP 2005
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