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Greg Turk, Marc Levoy : Zippered polygon meshes from range images. SIGGRAPH 1994
Marc Levoy : Polygon-assisted JPEG and MPEG compression of synthetic images. SIGGRAPH 1995
W. Harvey Gray, Jeffery R. Price, Christophe Dumont, Mongi A. Abidi : Integration of multiple range and intensity image pairs using a volumetric method to create textured three-dimensional models. J. Electronic Imaging (JEI) 10(1):252-262 (2001)
Ravi Ramamoorthi, James Arvo : Creating Generative Models from Range Images. SIGGRAPH 1999
Franc Solina, Ales Leonardis, Alenka Macerl : A Direct Part-Level Segmentation of Range Images Using Volumetric Models. ICRA 1994
Emanuele Trucco : Towards Volumetric Description of Range Images. IAS 1989
Gerhard Roth, Eko Wibowoo : An Efficient Volumetric Method for Building Closed Triangular Meshes from 3-D Image and Point Data. Graphics Interface (GRAPHICSINTERFACE) 1997
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