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Christophe Meilhac, Chahab Nastar : Relevance Feedback and Category Search in Image Databases. ICMCS, Vol. 1 (ICMCS) 1999
Ioannis Kompatsiaris, Michael G. Strintzis : Spatiotemporal Segmentation and Tracking of Objects for Visualization of Videoconference Image Sequences. ICMCS, Vol. 1 (ICMCS) 1999
Qi Tian, Pengyu Hong, Thomas S. Huang : Update Relevant Image Weights for Content-Based Image Retrieval using Support Vector Machines. IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (II) (ICMCS) 2000
Yuh-Lin Chang, Wenjun Zeng, Ibrahim Kamel, Rafael Alonso : Integrated Image and Speech Analysis for Content-Based Video Indexing. ICMCS 1996
Ana B. Benitez, Shih-Fu Chang : Semantic knowledge construction from annotated image collections. ICME (ICMCS) 2002
Alexander C. Loui, Andreas E. Savakis : Automatic Image Event Segmentation and Quality Screening for Albuming Applications. IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (II) (ICMCS) 2000
Feng Jing, Mingjing Li, Hong-Jiang Zhang, Bo Zhang : Support vector machines for region-based image retrieval. ICME (ICMCS) 2003
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