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Thomas Corpetti, Patrick Héas, Étienne Mémin, Nicolas Papadakis : Variational Pressure Image Assimilation for Atmospheric Motion Estimation. IGARSS 2008
Dong-xu He, Yu Meng, Chengyi Wang : Contrast pyramid based image fusion scheme for infrared image and visible image. IGARSS 2011
Su Li, Jianjun Zhou, Wenzheng Li, Dafang Zhuang, Yong Wang : A novel approach based on the combination image of fraction image and normalized mnf image to urban land use/cover mapping. IGARSS 2007
Christopher Ruf, J. Brent Roberts, Sayak K. Biswas, Mark James, Timothy Miller : Calibration and image reconstruction for The Hurricane Imaging Radiometer (HIRAD). IGARSS 2012
Giorgio Licciardi, Alberto Villa, Muhammad Murtaza Khan, Jocelyn Chanussot : Image fusion and spectral unmixing of hyperspectral images for spatial improvement of classification maps. IGARSS 2012
Mahboob Iqbal, Jie Chen 0009 : Despecking of SAR images using compressive imaging framework. IGARSS 2012
Wenjing Pei, Guian Wang, Xianchuan Yu : Performance evaluation of different references based image fusion quality metrics for quality assessment of remote sensing Image fusion. IGARSS 2012
Yong-Sheng Zhou, Qi Wang, Ling-Ling Ma, Chuan-rong Li, Ling-li Tang, ... Yao-kai Liu   : Quality analysis for images acquired by a new microwave staring correlation imaging technique. IGARSS 2012
Tee-Ann Teo, Shin-Yu Chen : Feature-based image registration of ALOS PALSAR and AVNIR-2 images. IGARSS 2011
Michal Rumanek, Tomasz Danek, Andrzej Lesniak : High performance image processing of satellite images using graphics processing units. IGARSS 2011
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