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Parthasarathy Ranganathan, Sarita V. Adve, Norman P. Jouppi : Performance of Image and Video Processing with General-Purpose Processors and Media ISA Extensions. ISCA 1999
Chen Wang, Xiaoyan Sun, Feng Wu, Hongkai Xiong : Image compression with structure-aware inpainting. ISCAS 2006
Yi Chen, Michael D. Adams 0002, Wu-Sheng Lu : Design of optimal quincunx filter banks for image coding. ISCAS 2006
Roberto Manduchi, Gian Antonio Mian : Accuracy analysis for correlation-based image registration algorithms. ISCAS 1993
Jun Ke, Edmund Y. Lam : Nonlinear image reconstruction in block-based compressive imaging. ISCAS 2012
Ghulam Qadir, Xi Zhao, Anthony T. S. Ho, Matthew Casey : Image forensic of glare feature for improving image retrieval using Benford's Law. ISCAS 2011
Denis Guangyin Chen, Amine Bermak, Chi-Ying Tsui : A low-complexity image compression algorithm for Address-Event Representation (AER) PWM image sensors. ISCAS 2011
Sunil Prasad Jaiswal, Vinit Jakhetiya, Anil Kumar Tiwari : An efficient image interpolation algorithm based upon the switching and self learned characteristics for natural images. ISCAS 2011
Dan Wang, Xiang Xie, Guolin Li, Yingke Gu, Tianjia Sun, ... Zhihua Wang   : Image registration method for 2D representation of wireless Micro-Ball endoscopic images. ISCAS 2011
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