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Anil K. Jain, Aditya Vailaya : Image retrieval using color and shape. Pattern Recognition (PR) 29(8):1233-1244 (1996)
Heng-Da Cheng, Xihua Jiang, Ying Sun, Jingli Wang : Color image segmentation: advances and prospects. Pattern Recognition (PR) 34(12):2259-2281 (2001)
Anil K. Jain, Aditya Vailaya : Shape-Based Retrieval: A Case Study With Trademark Image Databases. Pattern Recognition (PR) 31(9):1369-1390 (1998)
Neill W. Campbell, William P. J. Mackeown, Barry T. Thomas, Tom Troscianko : Interpreting image databases by region classification. Pattern Recognition (PR) 30(4):555-563 (1997)
Jules Vleugels, Remco C. Veltkamp : Efficient image retrieval through vantage objects. Pattern Recognition (PR) 35(1):69-80 (2002)
Stan Sclaroff : Deformable prototypes for encoding shape categories in image databases. Pattern Recognition (PR) 30(4):627-641 (1997)
Aditya Vailaya, Anil K. Jain, HongJiang Zhang : On image classification: city images vs. landscapes. Pattern Recognition (PR) 31(12):1921-1935 (1998)
Nalini K. Ratha, Shaoyun Chen, Anil K. Jain : Adaptive flow orientation-based feature extraction in fingerprint images. Pattern Recognition (PR) 28(11):1657-1672 (1995)
Zoltan Kato, Josiane Zerubia, Marc Berthod : Unsupervised parallel image classification using Markovian models. Pattern Recognition (PR) 32(4):591-604 (1999)
Gilles Celeux, Florence Forbes, Nathalie Peyrard : EM procedures using mean field-like approximations for Markov model-based image segmentation. Pattern Recognition (PR) 36(1):131-144 (2003)
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