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Bruce D. Lucas, Takeo Kanade : Optical Navigation by the Method of Differences. IJCAI 1985
Tomomasa Sato : Automotive Stereo Vision Using Deconvolution Technique. IJCAI 1979
Yuichi Ohta, Takeo Kanade : Stereo by Two-Level Dynamic Programming. IJCAI 1985
Hiroshi Kano, Takeo Kanade : Stereo vision with arbitrary camera arrangement and with camera calibration. Systems and Computers in Japan (SCJAPAN) 29(2):47-56 (1998)
Kenji Masuda, Kenji Thompson, Satoshi Kagami, Takeo Kanade : Verification of stereo vision based localization system. SMC 2004
Haruhiko Asada, Takeo Kanade : Design Concept of Direct-Drive Manipulators Using Rare-Earth DC Torque Motors. IJCAI 1981
Steven Rubin : Knowledge Sources In Vision. IJCAI 1981
H. Harlyn Baker, Thomas O. Binford : Depth from Edge and Intensity Based Stereo. IJCAI 1981
Jonas August, Takeo Kanade : The Role of Non-Overlap in Image Registration. IPMI 2005
Donald B. Gennery : A Stereo Vision System for an Autonomous Vehicle. IJCAI 1977
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