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Peter P. Chen : The entity-relationship model: a basis for the enterprise view of data. AFIPS National Computer Conference (AFIPS) 1977
Peter P. Chen : The Enity-Relationship Model: Toward a Unified View of Data. VLDB 1975
Paolo Atzeni : Review - The Entity-Relationship Model - Toward a Unified View of Data. ACM SIGMOD Digital Review (DR) 2(): (2000)
Martin Gogolla, Uwe Hohenstein : Towards a Semantic View of an Extended Entity-Relationship Model. ACM Trans. Database Syst. (TODS) 16(3):369-416 (1991)
Peter Kraft, Jens Otto Sørensen : Accessing Data Bases through Interface Views using a Unified Graph-Oriented Entity-Relationship Model. IADT 1998
Peter P. Chen : A Preliminary Framework for Entity-Relationship Models. ER 1981
Peter P. Chen : An Algebra for a Directional Binary Entity-Relationship Model. ICDE 1984
Asuman Dogac, Peter P. Chen : Entity-Relationship Model in the ANSI/SPARC Framework. ER 1981
Peter P. Chen : The Time Dimension in the Entity-Relationship Model (Invited Paper). IFIP Congress (IFIP) 1986
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