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David Maxwell Chickering, David Heckerman, Christopher Meek : A Bayesian Approach to Learning Bayesian Networks with Local Structure CoRR abs/1302.1528(): (2013)
Dan Geiger, David Heckerman : A Characterization of the Dirichlet Distribution with Application to Learning Bayesian Networks CoRR abs/1302.4949(): (2013)
David Heckerman, Dan Geiger : Learning Bayesian Networks: A Unification for Discrete and Gaussian Domains CoRR abs/1302.4957(): (2013)
David Maxwell Chickering, David Heckerman : Efficient Approximations for the Marginal Likelihood of Incomplete Data Given a Bayesian Network CoRR abs/1302.3567(): (2013)
Dan Geiger, David Heckerman : Learning Gaussian Networks CoRR abs/1302.6808(): (2013)
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