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Clarence A. Ellis, Simon J. Gibbs, Gail L. Rein : Groupware: Some Issues and Experiences. Commun. ACM (CACM) 34(1):39-58 (1991)
Kurt Mehlhorn, Stefan Näher : LEDA: A Platform for Combinatorial and Geometric Computing. Commun. ACM (CACM) 38(1):96-102 (1995)
Douglas B. Lenat : CYC: A Large-Scale Investment in Knowledge Infrastructure. Commun. ACM (CACM) 38(11):32-38 (1995)
Didier Le Gall : MPEG: A Video Compression Standard for Multimedia Applications. Commun. ACM (CACM) 34(4):46-58 (1991)
David Goldberg, David A. Nichols, Brian M. Oki, Douglas B. Terry : Using Collaborative Filtering to Weave an Information Tapestry. Commun. ACM (CACM) 35(12):61-70 (1992)
David Harel : On Visual Formalisms. Commun. ACM (CACM) 31(5):514-530 (1988)
Kenneth P. Birman : The Process Group Approach to Reliable Distributed Computing. Commun. ACM (CACM) 36(12):36-53 (1993)
Joseph A. Konstan, Bradley N. Miller, David Maltz, Jonathan L. Herlocker, Lee R. Gordon, ... John Riedl   : GroupLens: Applying Collaborative Filtering to Usenet News. Commun. ACM (CACM) 40(3):77-87 (1997)
Bill Curtis, Herb Krasner, Neil Iscoe : A Field Study of the Software Design Process for Large Systems. Commun. ACM (CACM) 31(11):1268-1287 (1988)
C. A. R. Hoare : Monitors: An Operating System Structuring Concept. Commun. ACM (CACM) 17(10):549-557 (1974)
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