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Yoav Freund, Robert E. Schapire : Experiments with a New Boosting Algorithm. ICML 1996
William W. Cohen : Fast Effective Rule Induction. ICML 1995
John D. Lafferty, Andrew McCallum, Fernando C. N. Pereira : Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data. ICML 2001
Yiming Yang, Jan O. Pedersen : A Comparative Study on Feature Selection in Text Categorization. ICML 1997
Robert E. Schapire, Yoav Freund, Peter Barlett, Wee Sun Lee : Boosting the margin: A new explanation for the effectiveness of voting methods. ICML 1997
George H. John, Ron Kohavi, Karl Pfleger : Irrelevant Features and the Subset Selection Problem. ICML 1994
Dekang Lin : An Information-Theoretic Definition of Similarity. ICML 1998
Thorsten Joachims : Transductive Inference for Text Classification using Support Vector Machines. ICML 1999
Richard S. Sutton : Integrated Architectures for Learning, Planning, and Reacting Based on Approximating Dynamic Programming. ML (ICML) 1990
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