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Tatsuya Asai, Kenji Abe, Shinji Kawasoe, Hiroshi Sakamoto, Hiroki Arimura, ... Setsuo Arikawa   : Efficient Substructure Discovery from Large Semi-Structured Data. IEICE Transactions (IEICET) 87-D(12):2754-2763 (2004)
Hironobu Fujiyoshi, Alan J. Lipton, Takeo Kanade : Real-Time Human Motion Analysis by Image Skeletonization. IEICE Transactions (IEICET) 87-D(1):113-120 (2004)
Ron Sacks-Davis, Timothy Arnold-Moore, Justin Zobel : Database Systems for Structured Documents. IEICE Transactions (IEICET) 78-D(11):1335-1342 (1995)
Masahiko Sakai, Keiichirou Kusakari : On Dependency Pair Method for Proving Termination of Higher-Order Rewrite Systems. IEICE Transactions (IEICET) 88-D(3):583-593 (2005)
Heiga Zen, Tomoki Toda, Keiichi Tokuda : The Nitech-NAIST HMM-Based Speech Synthesis System for the Blizzard Challenge 2006. IEICE Transactions (IEICET) 91-D(6):1764-1773 (2008)
Seiichi Matsuda, Naoki Kanayama, Florian Hess, Eiji Okamoto : Optimised Versions of the Ate and Twisted Ate Pairings. IEICE Transactions (IEICET) 92-A(7):1660-1667 (2009)
Cheol Hong Kim, Sung Woo Chung, Chu Shik Jhon : An Energy-Efficient Partitioned Instruction Cache Architecture for Embedded Processors. IEICE Transactions (IEICET) 89-D(4):1450-1458 (2006)
Claude Carlet : On Almost Perfect Nonlinear Functions. IEICE Transactions (IEICET) 91-A(12):3665-3678 (2008)
Hiroyuki Kaji, Yasutsugu Morimoto : Unsupervised Word-Sense Disambiguation Using Bilingual Comparable Corpora. IEICE Transactions (IEICET) 88-D(2):289-301 (2005)
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