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Bruce D. Lucas, Takeo Kanade : An Iterative Image Registration Technique with an Application to Stereo Vision. IJCAI 1981
Avrim Blum, Merrick L. Furst : Fast Planning Through Planning Graph Analysis. IJCAI 1995
Rodney A. Brooks : Intelligence Without Reason. IJCAI 1991
Ron Kohavi : A Study of Cross-Validation and Bootstrap for Accuracy Estimation and Model Selection. IJCAI 1995
Henry Lieberman : Letizia: An Agent That Assists Web Browsing. IJCAI 1995
Nicholas Kushmerick, Daniel S. Weld, Robert B. Doorenbos : Wrapper Induction for Information Extraction. IJCAI 1997
Tuomas Sandholm : An Algorithm for Optimal Winner Determination in Combinatorial Auctions. IJCAI 1999
Eugene C. Freuder : Partial Constraint Satisfaction. IJCAI 1989
Philip Resnik : Using Information Content to Evaluate Semantic Similarity in a Taxonomy. IJCAI 1995
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