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Andreas Stolcke : SRILM - an extensible language modeling toolkit. INTERSPEECH 2002
Philip Clarkson, Ronald Rosenfeld : Statistical language modeling using the CMU-cambridge toolkit. EUROSPEECH (INTERSPEECH) 1997
David Pearce, Hans-Gnter Hirsch : The aurora experimental framework for the performance evaluation of speech recognition systems under noisy conditions. INTERSPEECH 2000
Stephanie Seneff, Edward Hurley, Raymond Lau, Christine Pao, Philipp Schmid, ... Victor Zue   : GALAXY-II: a reference architecture for conversational system development. ICSLP (INTERSPEECH) 1998
Hervé Bourlard, Stéphane Dupont : A new ASR approach based on independent processing and recombination of partial frequency bands. ICSLP (INTERSPEECH) 1996
James R. Glass, Jane W. Chang, Michael K. McCandless : A probabilistic framework for feature-based speech recognition. ICSLP (INTERSPEECH) 1996
Alan W. Black, Paul Taylor : Automatically clustering similar units for unit selection in speech synthesis. EUROSPEECH (INTERSPEECH) 1997
Michael Kipp : ANVIL - a generic annotation tool for multimodal dialogue. INTERSPEECH 2001
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