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Brian P. Gerkey, Richard T. Vaughan, Kasper Støy, Andrew Howard, Gaurav S. Sukhatme, ... Maja J. Mataric   : Most valuable player: a robot device server for distributed control. IROS 2001
Anthony R. Cassandra, Leslie Pack Kaelbling, James Kurien : Acting under uncertainty: discrete Bayesian models for mobile-robot navigation. IROS 1996
James Bruce, Tucker R. Balch, Manuela M. Veloso : Fast and inexpensive color image segmentation for interactive robots. IROS 2000
Jens-Steffen Gutmann, Dieter Fox : An experimental comparison of localization methods continued. IROS 2002
Lewis Girod, Deborah Estrin : Robust range estimation using acoustic and multimodal sensing. IROS 2001
Reid G. Simmons, David Apfelbaum : A task description language for robot control. IROS 1998
Michael Montemerlo, Nicholas Roy, Sebastian Thrun : Perspectives on standardization in mobile robot programming: the Carnegie Mellon Navigation (CARMEN) Toolkit. IROS 2003
Dirk Hähnel, Wolfram Burgard, Dieter Fox, Sebastian Thrun : An efficient fastSLAM algorithm for generating maps of large-scale cyclic environments from raw laser range measurements. IROS 2003
Christian L. Nielsen, Lydia E. Kavraki : A two level fuzzy PRM for manipulation planning. IROS 2000
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