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Burton H. Bloom : Space/Time Trade-offs in Hash Coding with Allowable Errors. Commun. ACM (CACM) 13(7):422-426 (1970)
Patrick C. Fischer, Robert Fabian, Jeffrey D. Ullman, Richard M. Karp : Proceedings of the 2nd Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing, May 4-6, 1970, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA STOC 1970
Ralph J. Preiss : Proceedings of the 7th Design Automation Workshop, DAC '70, San Francisco, California, USA, June 22-25, 1970 DAC 1970
Marvin Minsky : Form and Content in Computer Science (1970 ACM turing lecture). J. ACM (JACM) 17(2):197-215 (1970)
Ashok H. Pradhan, Cornelius N. Weygandt : A Method for Optimization of Nonlinear System Response. IEEE Trans. Systems Science and Cybernetics (TSSC) 6(1):25-32 (1970)
Gyab C. Agarwal, Bradley M. Berman, Lawrence Stark : Studies in Postural Control Systems Part I: Torque Disturbance Input. IEEE Trans. Systems Science and Cybernetics (TSSC) 6(2):116-121 (1970)
George N. Saridis, Harold D. Gilbert : Self-Organizing Approach to the Stochastic Fuel Regulator Problem. IEEE Trans. Systems Science and Cybernetics (TSSC) 6(3):186-191 (1970)
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