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John S. Breese, David Heckerman, Carl Myers Kadie : Empirical Analysis of Predictive Algorithms for Collaborative Filtering CoRR abs/1301.7363(): (2013)
David Heckerman, Dan Geiger, David Maxwell Chickering : Learning Bayesian Networks: The Combination of Knowledge and Statistical Data CoRR abs/1302.6815(): (2013)
Thomas Hofmann : Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis CoRR abs/1301.6705(): (2013)
Kevin P. Murphy, Yair Weiss, Michael I. Jordan : Loopy Belief Propagation for Approximate Inference: An Empirical Study CoRR abs/1301.6725(): (2013)
Eric Horvitz, John S. Breese, David Heckerman, David Hovel, Koos Rommelse : The Lumiere Project: Bayesian User Modeling for Inferring the Goals and Needs of Software Users CoRR abs/1301.7385(): (2013)
Ben Taskar, Pieter Abbeel, Daphne Koller : Discriminative Probabilistic Models for Relational Data CoRR abs/1301.0604(): (2013)
Craig Boutilier, Nir Friedman, Mois├ęs Goldszmidt, Daphne Koller : Context-Specific Independence in Bayesian Networks CoRR abs/1302.3562(): (2013)
George H. John, Pat Langley : Estimating Continuous Distributions in Bayesian Classifiers CoRR abs/1302.4964(): (2013)
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